Potato Bin

I finished this project several months ago.  I'm calling this my first project woodworking project.  Although I've made things out of wood in the past (like this tie rack) woodworking hasn't been a consistent hobby.  My old house kept me busy with renovation projects and it didn't have a space for my tools.  I now have a space to work inside this was the project I started first in my woodshop. 
I started this project then finished some other projects along the way such as a cross cut sled so I could cut the 12” wide pine boards for the front and the back. I made a mistake and cut the back the same size as the front oops! (my little helper was busy colouring on the parts list so I was just cutting away.) I was told the potatoes would be left in the bag anyway so now it’s just a big “vent hole” in the back (saved me from drilling a bunch of smaller holes or using peg board like the plan called for.)

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