Bentwood Rings

I made two bentwood rings after watching this Drunken Woodworker video. I don't have a lathe to make a wooden template so I had to think about what I could use instead.  My solution was to use sockets.  I have one of those big socket kits that has every size socket that you'd never use.  I think I've only ever used about five sockets since I got the thing.  I usually spend more time organizing them in the case then using the sockets.  I usually forget to lock the one flap that holds half the sockets in the case then when I go to close the case I dump them out everywhere.  Anyway, turns out I have sockets that fit mine and my Wife's ring sizes.

The light wood is maple (on one...I believe) and the dark wood is of an unknown species, to me anyway.  I ran out of maple as I glued the wood to the socket template one too many times. So the light wood on my Wife's ring might be Birch--I don't know yet.  I'm still learning.  I bought a mixed bag of veneer wood from Lee Valley and the wood wasn't labelled.

Proof the rings were made with love.

The rings were cut from these veneer sheets:
1)                  2) Maple?           3)