How To Unclog A Bathroom Sink Drain Without Chemicals

Don't waste your money on harsh chemicals that don't work well. I show you how to clean out a bathroom sink drain without using chemicals and without using a snake and without hiring a Plumber.

Pipe wrench used in video: (affiliate link)

How To Cut Large Sheets of Plywood in Isolation

Thanks to social distancing I was not able to help the home center employee measure the cuts for the 6 sheets of plywood I needed for my garage cabinets I'm building.  Instead of risking the unsupervised employee making inaccurate cuts I took the sheets home whole.  I made a "circular saw guide to help make accurate cuts.  I now realize I should have made one years ago.  It's so much quicker than using a clamping straight edge with a circular saw and way cheaper than a track saw.