Pirate Sailboats

 Made nine sailboats for a child's pirate themed birthday party.  The sailboats were a big hit.  I've since made a tenth sailboat for a guest's sibling (to keep the peace).
3/4" pine cut on the bandsaw and shaped on the disc sander.  Mast is a 3/8 dowel 8" in length set a third, the length (8") of the boat, from the bow.  The sail has a pocket for the dowel and a pipe cleaner sewn to make the boom.  The kids had fun painting their pirate ships.

Book Ends

I made 4 of these pine book ends.  I used the book end template from the Woodworking for mere mortals site (I chose not to make the sides for the pictures).  This was my first project using my new air compressor and nail gun.  To save time I didn't bother to fill the nail holes--the books cover the ends anyway.  Used wood glue and 2" nails (Hey, no clamps were used on this project--score 1 for the nail gun.) I worked the aluminum with a hacksaw and 36 grit on the disc sander.  I used some automotive adhesive to glue the aluminum to the wood.  Used spray glue to glue on the felt on the base.  Finished with spray lacquer.