Handy Manny Birthday Party

I crafted 14 hammers (Pat) and screwdrivers (Turner) for a Handy Manny themed birthday party to go with tools belts my Wife made. The kids will be painting their tools so I left them unfinished.
The hammer heads are 3” cut from a 2×2 with a 3/4”dowel for a handle. I clamped a stop block on the drill press, drilled 3/4” deep, added some glue and hammered in the dowel (no nails or screws used in this project).
The screwdriver handles are 1” dowel 3” long with 5/8” dowel drilled and glued in place. I cut the flat heads on the band saw. The 5/8” dowels are 3 1/4” long set in the handle 3/4”. I made a jig out of 1/2 plywood to mark the dowel centres and to hold the dowel on the drill press.
I sanded down the edges and corners.

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  1. Handy Manny Birthday Party! It looks outstanding. Thanks for these wonderful details. I really like party planning and organization. At the local San Francisco event venues recently I organized a fun party for my sister’s sweet 16th birthday. I did everything on my own and it was the best event I have ever organized.