Fishing Rod Rack

I needed something to keep the fishing rods out of reach from the “little anglers” (Read: little tanglers). Inspired by Carter’s project here.
I realized after I created the pattern in Illustrator (see below for template PDF files) and printed it out that I only really needed space for 5 rods and not 9 so I shortened the design by overlapping the paper template that I printed out.
The plan was to put the kids rods in the holder as well but their rods are so short that at a 16 inch spacing the other rods were at too steep an angle. I ended up spacing the racks 32 inches to hit the next stud. The kids fishing poles will fit up there in a few seasons when they get upgrades. The big holes are actually 2 1/4 as I didn’t have a 2” hole saw as laid out on my template. The big holes were slow going on my 8” drill press. Small holes are 1” on my template and in the wood.

You could space out the two ends further if you had longer rods or wanted to store the fishing rods at full length.

Here are the templates I created that you can download in PDF format.  One end is called side A and the other end is side B.

Side A - Fishing Rod Rack.pdf

Side B - Fishing Rod Rack.pdf


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