Craft for Kids - Introduction to Woodworking

Kids love using the hammer and a nail, punch or screw driver to emboss a design into a scrap piece of wood.

This craft is good for a range of ages from little preschool kids to big children. 3 years old and up.

Download a simple outline drawing of a flag. Search for "flag coloring image" and tons of images should appear. Size it to the width of your board keeping the correct proportions. We used an old piece of 3 inch baseboard trim so I resized the image width to 3 inches and printed the template.

I cut the wood to the correct length, sanded the edges and taped the pattern to the wood. I then let the kids hammer away.

The project can be finished with paint, markers, color pencils, or crayons. 

This design works great any time of the year. But is extra special as a Canada Day project. Happy Canada Day to all our fellow Canadian Makers.

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Easy Fix for Sticky Drawers

Cheap and easy fix for wood drawers that are sticky or hard to open and close. Lubricate the wood runners and drawers with wax. No sanding required. Works great for old wooded kitchen cabinets and drawers and antique wood dresser drawers. This is how I fixed my drawers.