Aromatic Cedar Tie Rack

It has been a while since my last post.  I've been busy this past summer.  I built a shed, closet shelves, french cleats in the workshop, to name a few projects.  I just acquired some used kitchen cabinets to further organize the shop and finally have a place for easy access to my tools.

I recently hung up my tie rack --getting my ties back to their rightful place in the closet.

I had made this rack several years ago from a piece of Aromatic Cedar.  I love the cedar smell and I've never had moths in my closet.  At the time owning a drill press was still a dream.  I had a table saw, a router, and a regular drill (no press -just freehand).  I remember when I finished drilling the holes and gluing the pegs in place I thought WOW! I actually got the holes straight....until I picked up the tie rack, looked at it from the side, and noticed that all the pegs were slanted to one side.  I think it looks good with all the ties.  My favorite tie is currently the all purple tie 5th from the right.

Note: Yes I leave my ties tied--saves time in the morning.